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Simon Clothier

Recently released, this catchy little number from Nigellarox seems to spring directly from an artist with a one track mind. Written as a tribute to TV chef Nigella Lawson, the song has a sweet charm to it and displays an obvious love for Lawson's work. There's also a nice tongue in cheek element to proceedings that adds to the lilting folksiness of it all. Article Link

Indie Music Mag

We here at IMM think it's fair to say that Nigella Lawson is something of a national treasure in the UK. Filling our screens for years with her flirtatious, saucy recipes, she has become one of the mainstays of TV cookery and a bona fide celebrity as a result. Now, in tribute to that rise, comes the single above. 'Nigella', written by the aptly named Nigellarox, is an acoustic folk song which is infectious almost in spite of itself. It's available to buy from Aprl 1st – and you'd be a fool not to enjoy it. Article Link

Real Music Networkl

With an obvious sense of fun but a real touch of affection to it to, new single 'Nigella' is now available on Universal Records. Written by Simon Clothier but released under the moniker Nigellarox, it's a nod of the head to TV chef Nigella Lawson and her somewhat unique charms.

The song itself has a few unique charms of its own, which is perhaps why its release is backed by Universal Records – and when a songwriter gets backing like that for a one-off single with a tinge of novelty factor, there's every chance that writer will have a long and successful career. Article Link


TV chef Nigella Lawson is one of those TV personalities that can be somewhat of a marmite proposition. If you don't see the charm in her work, then you can find yourself at a loss when trying to understand why she commands such a legion of fans. However, one of those fans is clearly songwriter Simon Clothier.

His new single, released under the name Nigellarox, is out now through Universal. 'Nigella' is a simple little ditty, terrifyingly catchy, and good fun. Check out the website to pre-order if you like what you're hearing. Article Link

Whisperin and Hollerin

A good fun track, 'Nigella' is a novelty/tribute song dedicated to celebrity chef Nigella Lawson.

Simon Clothier LiveLike Nigella herself, the song is flirtatious and knowing, written by Simon Clothier and released with Universal Records. In terms of sound, think along the lines of infectious acoustic folk, with a touch of ukulele thrown in for extra flavour. Article Link


Available for your listening pleasure on Soundcloud, the new single from Nigellarox (aka songwriter Simon Clothier) is a lovely, light-hearted little folk number dedicated to celebrity cook Nigella Lawson. On the surface it seems like a straight laced tribute/love song dedicated to Lawson, and it's pleasant melodies and glowing lyrics reflect this.

However, there's also another layer to this track should you want to hold a cynical view. There's a faint whiff of parody about it, straying very close to novelty.Simon Clothier Live

Either way, whether you take it as a genuine love song or a veiled poke, it's a nice listen and catchy to boot. Article Link

Unfashionable Male

A domestic goddess and something of a national treasure, Nigella Lawson seems to find it very easy to capture hearts with her particularly curvaceous brand of cookery. Her televisual appeal has struck a chord with many in the UK and beyond, and apparently none more than with songwriter Simon Clothier.

Clothier is so taken with Lawson that he has penned this sugary sweet folk number for her, to be released under the name Nigellarox through none other than Universal Records. Article Link

Music Crowns

Part novelty-song, part love song, part self-deprecation, the new single from songwriter Simon Clothier is good, clean fun. Released through Universal Records under the name Nigellarox, the single is pitched as a 'tribute' to TV personality and chef Nigella Lawson.

Simply titled 'Nigella', the track does everything right. It's a folky ditty, incredibly catchy (try not humming the chorus after the very first listen), and well produced. It would be interesting to see what Clothier is able to do longer term, and whether this kind of quality can be turned to more straightforward songwriting.

In the meantime though, this is an entertaining turn to say the least. Article Link

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